6The New York Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative

In the USA, 90% of patients with hip fracture are discharged to rehabilitation facilities and receive much of their follow up care in these facilities.4 Rehabilitation facilities in the USA serve a transitional role and could help prevent early mortality after discharge.5 By contrast, more patients are discharged home from hospital after hip fracture in other countries such as the United Kingdom.6The New York Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS) database offers a unique opportunity to measure postsurgical mortality in a complete dataset of US patients and has been used previously to study hip fractures.7 We hypothesized that SPARCS data would demonstrate that a shorter hospital stay is associated with lower rates of mortality at 30 days after hip fracture.MethodsPatientsThis study used the SPARCS database to identify 188938 patients aged 50 years or older admitted to a public or private hospital in New York state between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2011 with a hip fracture. SPARCS is a comprehensive pandora earrings, all payer administrative database that collects patient level data from all non federal, acute care facilities in New York state (233 hospitals during the study period). The database collects information including patient demographics, diagnoses, procedures, and charges for every inpatient hospital admission, ambulatory surgical procedure, and emergency department admission.

pandora bracelets Although causal relations cannot be concluded with certainty, the study suggests priorities that may inform public health programmes.IntroductionThe past 30 years have seen the proliferation of methodologically well constructed prospective population studies of dementia that have pointed to multiple risk factors. Although the exact cause of the dementias remains unknown, these studies together suggest a complex interaction of exposures that contribute differentially to the probability and timing of onset of disease. The contribution of epidemiology to dementia research has, however, been principally in the areas of observational and analytical epidemiology that is, the establishment of incidence and prevalence rates and demonstration of interactive risk factors used to inform clinical research and drug treatment. pandora bracelets

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