The most successful breeding season for the Dalmatian Pelican

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online payday loan Like the lake itself is shared by Montenegro and Albania, the pelicans, other biodiversity and the health of the habitat is a shared responsibility not only of both countries, but the international community. CEPF funded projects at Lake Skadar are proving that effective collaboration by local and international civil society organisations can be the best way to make positive results for conservation. The most successful breeding season for the Dalmatian Pelican has just happened at this transboundary site as a consequence!. online payday loan

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online payday loans Research on pollinators is orchestrated by Trinity College Dublin and the University of Ouagadougou, as is the development of biodiversity enhancing solutions. BirdLife is responsible for overall project management and measurement of progress. Another partner involved in the the project is the non profit Global Shea Alliance, which offers networking opportunities within the shea industry. online payday loans

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